Can Ancient Wisdom help us?

Can Ancient Wisdom help us?
Cultivating the earth in ancient China

Classic philosophical and religious traditions offer help for living a good human life.

The problem is that they were, by and large, formulated during a historical age (sometimes called the Axial Age) when the conditions of human life were vastly different from what they are today. This is the central observation of Anthropocene thinking: that humans have fundamentally changed how we live on the planet.

We need wisdom to live in this new era. But can ancient wisdom traditions provide it?

If they can't, we effectively must jettison our past, our entire philosophical, religious, and intellectual history. There will be a break with tradition.

If they can, then we must figure out how, especially how they must be adapted to take account of what has fundamentally changed.

One main question lifelong learners must pose and ponder, for the sake of living in the Anthropocene is thus: Can ancient wisdom help us?

This is: The Question.